SC Project Exhaust Homologation

Ministerial homologation for SC-Project exhaust system
SC-Project company is officially authorized by Ministero dei Trasporti Italiano (Italian Department of Transportation ) for the production of homologated exhaust systems: this homologation is effective throughout the European Communion. SC-Project exhaust systems are produced according to the highest and strictest qualitative standards and observe the European laws related to exhaust system homologation e3*97/24/5*2006/120*CE.

The exhaust systems with the proper certified Ministerial Homologation can be used on common roads throughout the European Communion. Each homologated version of exhaust system presents a special brand with the homologation code engraved on it: this code is also quoted in the specific homologation certificate (in card format) for each motorbike model.

SC-Project company warns its customers about fake silencers coming from China and Taiwan, which are sold by European companies (the majority is set in Germany) with a brand different from SC-Project. Esthetically these silencers are similar to SC- Project products, but we don’t know where they are from. These silencers are produced using materials of the lowest quality and don’t respect any qualitative standard: if these silencers are set on motorbikes they can produce serious damages. They are sold at a competitive price and are described as high quality products: attractive photos are used to advertise them and beautify the product.

These exhaust systems miss every minimum qualitative and security standard since don’t respect Italian/European Transpor Ministry laws which are mandatory for all companies which produce silencers with regular homologation for a free ride in the European Community. To be sure you have bought a SC-Project product we invite our customers to inform us about possible fraud, even when they see silencers which look like ours but don’t have the SC-Project logo.

We warn our customers and whoever is interested in the purchase of our products about buying on internet silencers which are esthetically very similar to ours and present the same details in the final parts: carbon and stainless end caps in SC-Project Oval and GP Evo
We remind our customers every SC-Project exhaust system is produced using the best and latest technologies available in the motorbike sector and every component is realized and assembled in Italy by our factory observing severe qualitative and control test.

The Ministry Homologation is set on the final part of the silencer (it’s an indelible brand realised with a laser on a revated band) and it is given by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Itanlian/European Transport Ministry. The technology used by our company is always of the highest level and it is the result of tests and researches coming from our official technical partnership with several teams of MotoGP, Moto2 and Supermoto. Beware of imitations and of similar products offered with brands different from SC-Project and which are visibly a fake product and a copy.