STREET  TRIPLE  675  /  R  /  RX

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Slip-on silencer. In the slip-on line the specific link pipe is included in the kit. (60mm-70mm diameter link pipe)
Stock exhaust weight:  5,6 Kg
SC exhaust weight:  2,2 Kg
Weight reduction:  3,4 Kg
Performance.  Maximum power increase:  + 5 HP
It doesn’t need any added power unit.
Everything to install the exhaust on the bike is included: 1 silencer, 1 link pipe, screws, high temperature stickers, CEE homologation card specific for the motorbike model.
24 months SC-Project official guarantee

Street legal version according “EU” regulations. DB Killer removeable to modify from street legal configuration to racing configuration

This silencer comes directly from the competitions of the maximum level as MotoGP, Superbike and Moto2. The body of the silencer is built in matt carbon fiber of excellent quality and it is tested in the competitions to guarantee the highest performance as regards aesthetic, weight saving, endurance at the highest temperature and resistance in long distance. The entrance bushing and the exit pipe derive from the full part, are worked with CNC numeric control machines and welded with the best T.I.G. technology to guarantee the highest setting precision and an aesthetic of perfect racing origin with weldings at sight. The link pipe is specific and it is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a reduced thickness and T.I.G. weldings which are perfect both aesthetically and technologically; it is also  equipped with a fixed attack to fix the silencer to the motorbike. The sound of GP M2 silencer is particularly deep and powerful thanks to the exit pipe union of the exhaust gas with a diameter of 60mm