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Slip-on silencer. In the slip-on line the specific link pipe is included in the kit.
Compatible with passenger rearset
Stock exhaust weight:  8,4 Kg
SC exhaust weight:  2,3 Kg
Weight reduction:  6,1 Kg
Performance.  Maximum power increase:  + 4,6  HP
It doesn’t need any added power unit.
Everything to install the exhaust on the bike is included: 1 silencer, 1 link pipe, springs and screws, high temperature stickers, CEE homologation card specific for the motorbike model.
24 months SC-Project official guarantee

Street legal version according “EU” regulations. DB Killer removeable to modify from street legal configuration to racing configuration

Carbon Conic is a muffler of the highest quality  with a  conic shape silencer body  and carbon fiber end cap. The silencer is fully built in matt carbon fiber of the highest quality which allows to have a great aesthetic effect, great weight saving and endurance at the highest temperature. The usage of special sound attenuators inside the silencer guarantees the long life of the silencer and the break down of the noise in the long distance too.
The specific link pipe (built in stainless steel AISI 304 with a reduced thickness and proofly cared T.I.G weldings) was studied to guarantee the highest performance and a perfect coupling with the silencer thanks to the usage of a bushing obtained by the full part and CNC worked to guarantee an extreme precision in the montage and a notable aesthetic detail. The silencer is equipped with a fixed attack and the absence of the silencer clamp exalts the refined aesthetic effect. The particular conic structure guarantees a characteristic deep and gloomy sound, which distinguishes all conic silencers.

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