Air Filters

SC-Project air filters are designed for specific use in combination with complete or semi-complete exhaust systems, or in silencer-only version produced by SC-Project in order to obtain the best possible performance increase with an exhaust replacement. Through optimisation of the filtering surfaces and the use of high-grade materials, a higher airflow rate is guaranteed compared to standard filters made of paper. A small drop in the amount of airflow allows for an increase in performance that, in combination with the SC-Project exhaust system, guarantees the best performance that can be obtained from the engine. 100% Made in Italy

The filters are made from rubber casting with the best technologies available on the market and the filtering material, dark red in colour, is of cotton soaked in oil with a low viscosity covered by a special aluminium mesh with epoxy treatment that is resistant to moisture and petrol vapours.

There are many advantages that distinguish SC filters from original paper filter kits

– Greater airflow and a consequent higher engine performance in torque and acceleration

– Very high filtration of all the impurities present in the air

– Perfect inter-changeability with the original filter (no need to make any changes to the motor cycle)

– Each filter is washable and reusable

– Unlimited life of the air filter respect than the original one

– Specifically manufactured for combination with SC-Project exhaust systems

– Deeper and racier suction sound

– Use of high-grade materials

When replacing the exhaust system In the latest generation motorcycles with a more efficient SC-Project model, a better and more rapid expulsion of the exhaust fumes is achieved is obtained, it is also consequently appropriate to adapt the air flow entering the engine air box and this is achieved by using a better performance air filter to balance the air suction in the air box with the outgoing exhaust fumes, which is significantly better thanks to the new exhaust system (also available in silencer-only version).

The SC-Project exhaust – SC-Project air filter combination guarantees a net performance improvement both in terms of increased HP and acceleration and torque. In some cases it is possible to install an add-on unit to obtain carburetion values adapted to the new configuration given by the more powerful air filter of the complete exhaust system (or by the silencer-only version).

Soon available for every motorbike models